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Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School, is run by Adélia Lopes, who is a fully qualified Montessori teacher and trained in First Aid. Officially recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and the local Council, since 1995, welcomes children of all nationalities, from 2 to 6 years old.

"Your" longest-standing, certified Montessori School in Portugal (est. 1995)

The school is situated on the ground floor of a detached house with a garden all around.

No more than 6 children per qualified teacher. With specially designed equipment which develops the senses, teaches reading, writing, maths and introduces children to a variety of activities.

The Portuguese name "Boa Ventura" means Good Venture — it is to give the child a solid foundation for future learning in a happy, loving and inspiring environment.

Full or Part-Time. Children aged between 2 and 6 years may be admitted, and we welcome children from all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. It is an English speaking school, and every effort will be made to teach English to non-English speaking children.

There are two groups: Ladybirds & Rainbows each comfortable small classes, with limited spaces. This allows the children the necessary individual attention, with its own class teacher, the use of an assistant. An English Music and Movement teacher, with Kindermusik lessons, also included. A mid morning snack and drink are provided.

The essence of Montessori education is that every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment, and allowed to develop naturally at his or her own pace. The Montessori education approach looks for more than retention of knowledge, it aims also to generate security, trust and independence in the child.

A wide based curriculum of activity helps the child to become more aware of theirself and their environment. When the child first start with us they are shown how to share with one another and to participate as part of a group. They are also learning dexterity in the basic physical movements by means of practical life exercises and are taught a basic knowledge of colour, shape and pencil control.

At the appropriate stage for each individual child, the children are introduced to phonetic reading, writing and number work. Again the material is geared to individual work, and once introduced the child is able to work without the constant aid of the teacher.

For this purpose 'Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School' is well equipped with a large variety of carefully designed Montessori materials, which aims to develop the senses, teaches reading, writing, mathematics and also geographical skills.

There are many other Nursery School activities, which are carried out during a school week, these include: garden play, painting, art appreciation, craftwork, nature study, care of school pets, Seasonal projects, the concept of time, music and movement, dance, drama, singing, books and stories, cooking, computer, jigsaws and free play. Regular and varied outings are also arranged throughout the year. After school activities, Easter and Summer School is also provided.

Our objective is to aid each child's emotional, physical, social and intellectual development by encouraging the child's natural thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore. "The first duty of education is to stir up life but leave it free to develop". — Maria Montessori

The experience gained in the exciting, colorful environment of Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School gives the child a firm foundation for further education and for life!

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A cozy, family, Montessori school where you will find kind and lovely staff. I had the pleasure to be part of the staff years ago and still love to visit. If you are looking for a Montessori environment, where kids are loved and respected, where they can play outside no matter the weather, and where they can grow and learn at their own rhythm, you just found the right place.


Joana Mendes Carvalho (old Teacher)

Educar com dedicação dá sempre melhores resultados...


Paulo Mendes

We are really pleased with how much [our son] is enjoying himself at nursery, his evidently growing independence and social skills and enjoyment of things. __ Parent
I love the creativity of the nursery and the fact that all staff are so lovely and approachable. I have also noticed a big change in my daughters understanding of numbers, letters and increased vocabulary since joining in February. We are very happy with the nursery and I have never had to worry about her there from day one. Thank you! __ Parent

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