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The registration procedure requires the following enrollment form to be completed, signed, and dated.


A student is considered accepted into the School upon written confirmation from the School. Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School reserves the right to provide or withdraw its service conditional on review of your application.


We invite all prospective students and families to visit our school prior to the start of the admission process. We will familiarize you with our facilities, day-to-day procedures, and answer all of your questions as well as give you an overview of the curriculum.

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School Fees

Registration per child (not refundable)

€ 750 / annual


9h00 am - 12h00 pm

Tuition € 2100 / term


9h00 am - 3h30 pm (with packed lunch provided by you)

Tuition € 2450 / term


Occasional mornings and afternoons

€ 50 / day


Insurance Included


Conditions of Entry

Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term (September, January an April). The registration fee is paid on admission and annually. Payments made by cash or ATM.

A terms notice of the intention of removing a child must be given, or a terms fees will be charged in lieu.

The school year is divided into 3 terms, with breaks for Christmas, Easter and Summer (Summer School and Easter are optional). In order to attend the Rainbow Class the children must be fully toilet trained. There will be no reduction in fees if your child is absent from school. Parents are requested not to send a sick child to school, and to inform us as soon as possible. Should a child become ill while at school, the parents will be notified promptly and the child will be cared for in isolation until a parent or a designated person comes to pick up the child. Medication will only be given to your child with your written consent, stating the exact dosage and times to be administered.

If your child is to be collected by someone else from school, other than the parents it is necessary to inform us beforehand and I. D. given. For the sake of your child, please try to be punctual at all times. The school is open from 9h00 am to 3h30 pm (Monday to Friday). Care service after 3h30 pm is by arrangement.

SCHOOL UNIFORM IS COMPULSORY. All items obtainable from TOGS, Cascais. It would help if your child was wear clothes and shoes that he or she can manage to cope with without assistance.

At the beginning of term your child must bring a tie-bag containing: INDOOR SANDALS OR SLIPPERS (NON LACE-UP) - SPARE CLOTHING. All items must be marked with the child's name. Parents are welcome to come into the classroom at the end of school to have a chat and look at their children's work and progress. A Report Card will be available at the end of each school year.

Please look at the Notice Board (near front door) for any additional information.

We now have a School & Parent daily communication system on an Internet platform.

CONTACTS: School + 351 214 688 023 / Adélia Lopes + 351 936 319 160 / e-mail boaventuramontessori@gmail.com

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